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2018 Membership Meetings: February 3, May 3 (Breakfast Panel), September 13, November 8, December 13


2018 Executive Meetings: January 11, March 8, June 7, August 9, October 25 (VIP)



June 22nd - "Energy Innovation" Breakfast Meeting
May 11th - Mike Dahl, Executive Director Broad Street Ministries discussion




Urban’s Matthew C. Marquardt, PE  named Chairman of PENJERDEL

62nd Annual Awards Luncheon Honorees

From the Executive Director,

Andrew Warren

For the past 50 years the PENJERDEL Council has been dedicated to informing and educating the business community in the tri-state region by leading and supporting issues and projects affecting infrastructure, mobility, sustainability, and growth.

Recently, when a member of the executive committee was asked how the preceding mission statement, and PJDC membership, impacted her business organization she responded:

“What PENJERDEL does is underscored by its goal to supplement or support issues which affect the entire southeaster Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and northern Delaware tri-state regions. Members receive and exchange the latest information on the “big” current political, economic and cultural developments in this tri-state region but in “small” intimate face-to-face gatherings with top movers and shakers. When I have a question of an invited guest or speaker about, say, new priorities or policies at Philadelphia International Airport which could affect my company’s future local aviation practice, I am not one of thousands listening to a speech where there’s a few minutes of time for a few audience questions, I’m across the conference table or a few rows’ back sitting with peers. A presentation on the multi-faceted regional implications of a complicated new federal program can be quickly parsed—when vital information is shared in a room comprised of select business leaders with diverse areas of individual expertise in law, banking, real estate, energy, environmental matters and the whole gamut of transportation disciplines and modes including ports and aviation. As a member of the PENJERDEL Council my firm benefits from an on-going unique, small and intimate exchange of information which in turn improves the quality of our services to our regional customers, employees and their families in the tri-state area. PENJERDEL is a “right-sized” organization that fits out needs.”

“Thank you so much PENJERDEL for helping to put the right people in the room. The event

went flawlessly. There were over 425 people there, and everyone seemed very positive!”

Steven Leiser-Mitchell, Regional Outreach Associate

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition

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